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I’m writing a new book… imagine that. Below is sort of a rough summary/outline.

You guys are pretty stinkin’ wise, with a lot of great ideas and wisdom. Would you take a minute to read over my outline and give your thoughts, suggestions, criticism and ideas for the book? I think it may be one of the more important books I’ve put out and I know it will be much better if it contains the collective wisdom of all you wonderful folks. Put your comments/suggestion in the Linky List below the outline.

The Guide for the Unbelieving, Uninterested and Unconcerned

Introduction – I’ll open with a personal appeal letter to the Unbelieving, Uninterested and Unconcerned (those uninterested or unconcerned about God, eternity, sin, judgment, etc.. the transcendent concepts about life). This won’t be an intellectual “skeptics debate” that many have written already… it’s an appeal to the human spirit and the deepest questions of human existence. It’s more of an appeal to the inner sense of “there must be something more…” than an intellectual appeal (though I’ll include some aspects of that in the last part of the book).

I envision the book divided into these segments:

  • An appeal to the heart
    - Purpose (everyone wants to have a reason they exist)
    - Meaning (life just has to be more… what about hope, eternity, etc?)
    - Happiness (can living with no eternal perspective bring any real happiness?)
    - Joy (what joy can there be in living with no purpose or meaning?)
    - Selfish vs Selfless (living only for self versus living beyond Self)
    - An eternal perspective to life (live/die/gone versus live/die/eternity)
  • An appeal to logic
    - Does belief in God make sense?
    - Does unbelief make sense?
    - What does logic tell us MUST be the truth?
    - Can something come from nothing
  • An appeal to facts
    - Does God exist?
    - Is the Bible His book?
    - Does the evidence support God’s existence?
  • An appeal to human experience.
    - Are you really a good person?
    (most people say they are and base God’s acceptance on this… but is it true?)
    - What’s the alternative to belief and faith?
    - What’s the logical conclusion of a lack of belief, concern or interest in God?
    - Human events seem to be pointing to a coming conclusion of history… are you ready?

Other: I’ve done some blog posts on “does God exist”, random chance and time (life was materialistic accident) and the purpose of “purpose” in our life that I can include.

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Okay, that’s my general outline so far. Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Comments? Criticism? Put them here in this Linky list and THANK YOU for helping me:

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