• Family Time DIY Projects

    In some past posts, we’ve discussed an unfortunate reality of modern life:  a lack of time to spend with the family.  Obviously this is a problem that affects everybody to different degrees.  One family might lament the fact that it only gets a few nights per week to spend together as one cohesive unit, and another might be lucky to get even a few minutes together. In today’s world, it’s not uncommon that both parents work, and it’s certainly not uncommon that teenage children work as well.  Everybody has their own commitments – be they professional or personal – and getting all of the schedules to align can be tricky at best.  But that doesn’t have to mean that “quality time” is off the table […]

  • A Joyful Noise Movie Review: Some Things to Be Joyful About & Some Not

    A Joyful Noise Movie Review:  Some Things to Be Joyful About & Some Not

    From Brent I took my wife to see Joyful Noise last night, the reportedly “Christian” movie with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. Given how easily fads sweep through American Christianity with little discernment, I thought I would give you a review of the movie. I’m not going to try and decide for you whether or not to see it, or promote it as a “Christian” movie. I’ll just give you my observations, positive and negative and leave you to consider it. FYI, I’m not trying to review like a movie critic. I’m not addressing whether the story, acting or production was good. I’m commenting on it for the sake of Christians being able to discern the CHRISTIAN merits of the movie since it’s 1) set in a […]

  • When Will These People Admit the Obvious?

    When Will These People Admit the Obvious?

    When will these people: Hollywood Liberals God-mockers Christian-haters Admit the obvious: Americans are not primarily God-rejecting, liberal-loving, raunch-embracing, cultural progressives who live, love and reflect what the media and the current political powers claim REFLECT America (as evidenced by liberal values, Hollywood products and liberal ideology). That’s why: wholesome family movies are blockbusters statesmen who hold office are beloved hard working, God-fearing, responsible people drive the economic engine of America the God-ordained, traditional family is still the glue that hold society together in relative peace And… respectful, sincere, faith-filled, humble athletes are launched to meteoric, heroic, role model status much to the criticism-filled befuddlement of all the self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, worship-me thugs that fill the professional athletics ranks and sports commentator pools. Get used to it […]

  • Sad That This is “Normal” in America

    I’m was sitting at an IHOP eating breakfast the other day, listening (okay, eavesdropping) to a conversation from the table next to me that has sadly become far too “normal” in America. It went something like this: “I been to the hospital lots of times and don’t got no insurance. They can’t make me pay nothing, it don’t matter how long I’m in there. I just told them I ain’t got no job. I ain’t got the money, it’s not my problem. It ain’t my fault. I deserve to get healthcare and have the government pay for it ’cause I can’t afford it. That’s my right.” Really? We’ve created generations of people who think they have the right (rather than the opportunity) to everything they […]

  • Another Concerning Book Gaining Popularity with Christians

    Note from Brent: Books about people visiting Heaven or Hell, or communicating with someone there have been all the rage for the past few years. Although each of these – from Baxter’s “Divine Revelation” to a child’s testimony in”Heaven is for Real” –  have been repeatedly (and easily) shown to be EXTRA-Biblical at best and unScriptural and metaphysical at worst, the undiscriminating embrace of such accounts continues with no less enthusiasm. Just as the Bible predicts about the lukewarm Church of the last days, the craving for ear tickling sensationalism and the elevation of experience over doctrine primes Western Christians to gulp down and savor pretty much any story that the book sellers eagerly promote (I say “western” because I can’t speak for other cultures). Unlike the […]


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