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I’m was sitting at an IHOP eating breakfast the other day, listening (okay, eavesdropping) to a conversation from the table next to me that has sadly become far too “normal” in America. It went something like this:

“I been to the hospital lots of times and don’t got no insurance. They can’t make me pay nothing, it don’t matter how long I’m in there. I just told them I ain’t got no job. I ain’t got the money, it’s not my problem. It ain’t my fault. I deserve to get healthcare and have the government pay for it ’cause I can’t afford it. That’s my right.”


We’ve created generations of people who think they have the right (rather than the opportunity) to everything they need (and many things they just WANT) but not the responsibility to pay for it, work for it, save for it, or pay taxes for it. Thanks to years of political indoctrination and liberal media, they think “the government pays for it” means it’s FREE, and I think they honestly don’t even realize that it means the government TAKES someone else’s hard earned money BY FORCE to fund their entitlements (some realize it, but I think we’ve gotten to a point of political stupidity and self entitlement that most people with their hands out just think “government” has money). They demand their entitlements (can you say “Occupy Wherever”) not realizing, or not caring, the “the government” gets it’s money from the rest of us who work our butts off and pay taxes.

It’s such a foreign concept and so utterly irresponsible to think this way… it’s hard for me to accept that people REALLY DO have this mentality. It’s not a put on, a show or hypocrisy. They really do think they are entitled to free services, hand outs and government sanctioned “equality” rather than Constitution guaranteeing OPPORTUNITY.

Millions upon millions of people (hundreds of millions? Certainly tens…) have their lives diminished and their concept of freedom, personal achievement, responsibility and dignity eroded by a minuscule number of politicians who enslave them with government treasures in return for their votes and an elitist academia/media who have NO tolerance for any viewpoint they don’t rubber stamp (despite their relentless cries for “tolerance” about their ideas).

I sat and wondered how otherwise decent people could find themselves with such a mentality and it’s not hard to understand really. Fifty or sixty years of indoctrination have now yielded the expected harvest.

Not sure what the point of this post is, except just to vent a little. It’s frustrating to know my kids and grandkids will have to grow up fighting this mentality.

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