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When will these people:

  • Hollywood
  • Liberals
  • God-mockers
  • Christian-haters

Admit the obvious:

  • Americans are not primarily God-rejecting, liberal-loving, raunch-embracing, cultural progressives who live, love and reflect what the media and the current political powers claim REFLECT America (as evidenced by liberal values, Hollywood products and liberal ideology).

That’s why:

  • wholesome family movies are blockbusters
  • statesmen who hold office are beloved
  • hard working, God-fearing, responsible people drive the economic engine of America
  • the God-ordained, traditional family is still the glue that hold society together in relative peace
  • And… respectful, sincere, faith-filled, humble athletes are launched to meteoric, heroic, role model status much to the criticism-filled befuddlement of all the self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, worship-me thugs that fill the professional athletics ranks and sports commentator pools.

Get used to it liberal, Christian-hating, God-rejecting people… multitudes of Americans still love God and cheer for the good people even though its “open season” on Christians in media/political-America:

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